Purchasing Aluminium radiator tips

Aluminum Construction

  • Built with wider tubes thanks to the metal’s strength
  • Uses fewer rows of tubes (one or two rows) resulting in thinner, lightweight core compared to brass copper
  • Better air flow through core and more surface contact between tubes and fins
  • Brazing process produces all aluminium core
  • Uniform heat transfer due to all aluminium core

Aluminum Metal Properties

  • Base heat transfer ability
  • Stronger metal
  • Lightweight

Why Purchase an Aluminium Radiator?

  • Space under the hood is limited
  • Airflow or over-heating is an issue
  • You have added a bigger engine to the vehicle
  • Weight is a major consideration, such as in racing
  • The vehicle or equipment needs a heavy duty radiator to withstand additional pressure and heat

Majority of the radiators we offer are thicker than standard OEM radiators. This enables us to offer superior cooling abilities compared to standard radiators. The radiators we bring in are quality checked and have been made to suit NZ conditions. If your radiator is not available in our store, please inquire on our contact page as we do custom manufacture aluminium radiators.