Warranty Policy

MadRadz NZ Warranty Policy


Feel free to ask questions to ensure item matches your requirements

If the incorrect radiator is ordered, this must be returned at your cost to MadRadz. A fault with the buyer in the identification of the appropriate radiator is credible with a 25% restocking fee for the products return. This is charged to allow for repackaging and damage inspection due to courier mishandling or evidence of improper fitting.

The product must be returned in original packaging and in sellable condition


Warranty Scope:

The warranty for any Madradz product is 1 YEAR (12 months from the date of purchase) or 30,000 km (whichever incurs first).

Racing vehicles are not covered under warranty due to excessive heavy use unless under manufacturer’s fault. This also includes race days on modified vehicles.

Vehicles Towing Excess of 1 Tonne will not be covered. Any vehicle towing above this threshold is recommended to have an external oil cooler fitted.

Any premature radiator failure due to rusty water, corrosion, mixing of coolants, stray current or mechanical damage will not be covered under warranty.

The warranty is not applicable to:

Products not installed by a qualified automotive technician.
Products experiencing expected wear and tear
Products unpackaged that are damaged through dropping or excess force being applied to the assembly and/or core.
Products incorrectly stored, handled or installed to manufacturer standards, as well as products not maintained to the standards listed below.
Products that are exposed to conditions outside of the recommended scope of the product as set by the manufacturer. This includes exposure to atypical climate conditions.
Products that have been subjected to neglect or accidental damage, as well as acts of god.
Products used after a warranty-coverable fault has been identified.

The Warranty will void unless the following conditions and care are applied to the respective purchased Madradz Products:

The Product is cleaned at a minimum annually or every 40,000km using industry standard cooling system cleaner in compliance with the instruction of the applicable cleaner.
The correct amount and usage of manufacturer recommended coolant is used in the radiator.
Coolant must be correctly installed by ratio to water as recommended by the coolant product packaging. Installation must also be carried out in the correct procedure as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
Coolant must also be replaced every 2 years or 40,000km (whichever incurs first) to sustain engine and radiator life.
The vehicles cooling system must also be maintained at minumum annually to industry standard and kept free of foreign materials and damage such as corrosion and leaked liquid.


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